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A Day in the Life


Becca Box

Since joining Glenside in January 2014 as a staff nurse, Glenside has helped me develop my career.

I am enjoying my role as Manager of Newton House, Kennet and Langford and have become the CQC registered manager for these services. I have undertaken a Mentorship Course to enable me to mentor student nurses in the future. I have been encouraged to develop different skills and try new challenges, there are many opportunity's working at Glenside.

Within my day to day role, I like meeting all the different people and the challenges they present. For example, if someone has difficulty speaking, I enjoy finding ways for them to be able to communicate, whichever works best for them: the ABC board; pictures or using their IPAD. We liaise with family members to better understand the individual’s likes and dislikes prior to their brain injury, so that we can adapt the environment around them to improve their quality of care, in terms of playing the music they enjoy, selecting the food they like to eat, etc.




Dannii joined Glenside a year ago as a Rehab Assistant on NRU and was then promoted to Senior Rehab Assistant in March this year.

As part of her continuous career development, Dannii decided to apply for the in-house Affiliate training programme, having already started to study for the Level 3 Diploma in Health & Social Care.

Dannii said she chose to apply for the Occupational Therapy discipline within the Affiliate programme, as she wanted to enhance her knowledge to help service users regain skills for everyday life.

Dannii’s OT mentor worked with her to build her understanding of the key role of occupational therapy which is principally about breaking down everyday tasks into their various actions to support people towards independent living.

Following a brain injury, the individual may have difficulties with different elements of a task. For example, when making a cup of tea, someone may have issues with perception as to where the cup is positioned on the table, or a lack of mobility to move the cup into the right place, or a lack of perception with regards the risks associated with preparing hot drinks, etc. Visual aids may also be required to help them find the right tools to complete the task. There are so many things to think about and Dannii says,

“Undertaking the Affiliate training has enabled me to give the service users I care for the right support to become more independent and helped me to enable people to do things for themselves, in preparation for their discharge home.”

Dannii is a real Disney fan, and is seen here when her Fiancé proposed to her in Disneyland earlier this year.

Dannii Disney



Carina joined Glenside in July 2016 as a Rehab Assistant on the Neuro-Rehabilitation unit (NRU) and was recently promoted to Senior Rehab Assistant (SRA).

Carina was interested in working in the care sector and particularly in neuro-rehabilitation, as she has experience of the impact of brain injury following a family member’s motorcycle accident twelve years ago.

Carina decided to apply for Glenside’s Affiliate programme to work with the Physio team as she felt this was the most important therapy to work with, focussing on the rehabilitation of the body.

Whilst on the Affiliate programme, Carina was given support by the Physiotherapy team and learned the key principles of Physiotherapy, including the basics of movement and the importance of positioning a patient correctly.

Carina says “I am now better able to help the patients, as being on the Affiliate programme has given me more confidence to know that what I am doing is right.” and “I always share the information I have learned with other colleagues, as that is why we’re on the Affiliate programme to pass the word on.”


Heidi 2

Heidi joined Glenside in September 2014 as a Clinical Psychologist working within the Neuro-Behavioural Pathway. Heidi said “I have learnt so much since joining Glenside and I really enjoy the variety within my role. Each day offers a different challenge. Seeing the positive change in the patients I work with is extremely rewarding.”

"Part of my role involves undertaking specific formal tests to assess the impact of the brain injury on a patient’s cognitive functioning. Within the Behavioural Unit, I conduct functional assessments of behaviours. This is done in part through behaviour monitoring, observations and discussions with the staff who work with patients more closely on a daily basis."

"I also provide therapy for specific emotional difficulties and support the patients and their families by providing psychoeducation about brain injury. Working as part of the Glenside multi-disciplinary team, the clinical psychologist’s role is also to support the Nurses and Rehab Assistants to develop and implement the service user’s care plans."

More recently this tangible support has been enhanced by the introduction of the "Affiliate" programme.

Alex, OT (Band 6)

Alex web

Alex joined Glenside nearly two years ago as a newly qualified occupational therapist. He now work exclusively on the Neuro-behavioural pathway, supporting people with a range of physical, cognitive, behavioural and mental health needs.

Alex says “Working with people with behavioural needs requires getting to know the person, building rapport and looking for activities that are truly motivating. I really value the process of collaboration and problem-solving with the people I with work with, to allow them to meet their potential and access occupations that are meaningful.”

Alex said "I have felt very well supported within the OT team and have recently been promoted to a Band 6. I hope to continue to develop my career at Glenside over the coming years."


Kenzie 2

Kenzie joined the team at Glenside in 2010, when she decided to leave college and start working, so that she could earn and learn at the same time. Whilst at Glenside, Kenzie has continued to progress her career, first completing her Level 3 Diploma in Health & Social Care and recently being accepted to study for a nursing degree, supported by Glenside's "Supportive Nurse Training" programme.

Kenzie enjoys helping patients with their daily tasks, reassuring them and encouraging them to do things for themselves, so that they can develop their confidence and skills.

The daily routine starts with washing, dressing and getting breakfast, supported feeding (if required) and working with other staff to transfer people from their beds into wheelchairs, etc.

Kenzie recognises how much she has grown as a person, since working in the healthcare sector. She enjoys the benefit of working in a multi-disciplinary team, many staff coming from abroad, who bring with them a varied mix of skills and experience.



When Connie left school she joined Glenside, starting in the Laundry team. She then decided to change roles to work as a Rehab Assistant within Pembroke Lodge, before transferring to Newton House.

Newton House provides longer-term support for people with a disorder of consciousness, high physical dependency and complex care needs and hence Connie is involved in the day to day care of patients and enjoys building a relationship with them and their families.

Another part of Connie’s role includes building in activities to stimulate the service users’ senses and supporting them during off-site activities, such as walks down to the nearby Wylye river and taking people to visit local attractions, including Salisbury Cathedral.

Connie is continuing her studies and has just started the Level 3 Diploma in Health and Social Care and ultimately may consider progressing her career further by undertaking a nursing degree.


Lisa Wilson web

Lisa started working for Glenside over 20 years ago in Newton House, which at that time was an elderly care home, but now provides care for adults who have sustained a catastrophic brain injury and those who have complex and specialist longer term nursing needs.

Since joining Glenside, Lisa has been promoted to Senior Rehab Assistant, following completion of Health & Social Care qualifications, at Levels 2 and 3.

In 2007, Lisa applied for the role of Podiatry Assistant, as Glenside was looking to develop an in-house Podiatry team, and then gained a Distinction in her Podiatry and Footcare Assistant qualification in 2008.

Within her role as Podiatry Assistant, Lisa supports the Podiatrist in a range of tasks from basic nail care, to assisting during nail surgery or looking after post-op wounds. This role also means that Lisa is involved with the Podiatrist, in the bio-mechanical assessment for each service user, linking with the Physio team to develop suitable care plans for all Glenside service users.

Lisa says, “I enjoy the challenge and variety these two roles represent, working three days a week as Senior Rehab Assistant within a close-knit team in Newton House and two days as a Podiatry Assistant, providing specialist care for service users across the Salisbury site.”


Jenny cropped resized

Jenny joined Glenside thirteen years ago and initially worked on nights to fit in with family life.

Jenny has changed roles, as Glenside has developed over the years, initially working within a fast track rehabilitation unit, then working within the Hospital NRU high dependency assessment team, before moving to work on Langford.

Langford is a specialist high dependency unit, offering nursing care for individuals with a disorder of consciousness, so each day is quite structured, but the team endeavour to build in activities that will help to stimulate the senses, such as listening to music or sitting in the garden when the weather’s nice. The activities are tailored to what the individual is able to do and what they, or their families, say they enjoyed prior to their brain injury.

Jenny said “I enjoy the job and find it very rewarding. You see the progress service users make and you support them to do the things they are no longer able to do for themselves. It is also important to communicate with service users to explain what you are doing, whether they can or cannot consciously hear what you are saying.”


Gary web

Gary joined Glenside in 2008 as a care assistant within the acute neurobehavioural unit, having previously worked in dementia care and has since been promoted to Senior Rehab Assistant within Old Vicarage.

Old Vicarage is a long stay nursing home supporting people who display challenging behaviours following brain injury and is also suitable for people with progressive neurological conditions. In addition to being a Senior Rehab Assistant, Gary has been MAPA trained (Management of Actual and Potential Aggression) and supports with MAPA training for other staff on the unit.

Gary said: “I enjoy the challenge of dispelling people’s perceptions about what we are able to do with our service users. We plan a variety of activities to help our service users achieve their goals, ranging from how to use a fork, to learning the skills which will ultimately help them when they return home. We use positive reinforcement to encourage socially acceptable behaviour and have to ensure a consistent approach from all members of staff, working together as one team.”


Karen Norman web

Karen joined Glenside twenty years ago as a care assistant and now works as a Senior Rehab Assistant for the Old Vicarage service.

Old Vicarage focuses on supporting those individuals with challenging behaviour to develop socially acceptable behavioural strategies through a variety of activities. Each service user is helped to become as independent as possible. Individuals also participate in a range of on and off-site activities which may include shopping trips, gardening, going to the Pantomime or visiting local attractions.

Karen said: “I enjoy the variety of the role, as every day is different. I find the job very rewarding, particularly seeing the progress people make and working as a team to support them and their families. I believe it is important to remain flexible and adapt your approach to suit the needs of the service user on a day by day basis.”

In addition to being a Senior Rehab Assistant, Karen also acts as the Infection Control and Health & Safety link for the unit, as she says that keeps her learning all the time.


Emma Farn web

Emma started work at Glenside as a Rehabilitation Assistant, having completed her Health & Social Care Level 2 Diploma at Farnborough Tech. She started her Level 3, but decided to leave college and start working so that she could continue her studies at the same time as gaining more hands-on experience.

Emma’s favourite thing about her job is the 1:2:1 time she spends with the service users to find ways of undertaking different tasks that they enjoy and to help them in their rehabilitation journey. For example, using ADL’s (Activity Daily living) to find out what task they wish to do and write down what works well for them. They use a communication book, as a way of personalising the treatment and activities undertaken, and to keep a record of what has been done.

Some Service Users have “Life Books” with pictures and input from the service users and / or their family members, so that the activities are tailored to what the individual is able to do and what they, or their families, say they enjoyed before being admitted to Glenside.



Ryan joined Glenside Farnborough nearly two years ago, originally as a part-time catering assistant. He then transferred to a dual role taking on the domestic assistant job a few days per week to bring him up to full-time hours.

Ryan enjoys the mix of roles – each essential to the smooth running of the Farnborough service. Ryan works for three days in the kitchen and this involves menu planning, ordering of food supplies, and making sure all the specialist requirements are achieved to meet the needs of the service users, including diabetic and soft foods.

The other two days, Ryan works as part of the domestic team to keep on top of the laundry and ensure the cleanliness of the service – both in the service user rooms and communal spaces.

After starting his career in the army, Ryan finds his role at Glenside an interesting experience as it has brought him more insight into the healthcare sector.



Matt joined the Maintenance team at Glenside thirteen years ago and three years ago he was promoted to Maintenance Supervisor.

Matt says, “There are currently four other maintenance staff who work across the site.”

“Each day we undertake a wide range of ongoing maintenance jobs, including painting & decorating, plumbing, reactive maintenance responding to the day to day requests from the units, general testing of the hydropool and fire alarms, as well as planning for the refurbishment of the service user rooms to ensure the Glenside site is kept well maintained.”

“I also liaise with the external sub-contractors who we use to carry out specialist tasks, as and when required.”

“I like the variety of the work we get, the staff I work with are a good team and I get job satisfaction from finishing work done on behalf of our service users, to make the environment around them, more homely.



Natalie joined Glenside three years ago as a housekeeper and has recently been promoted to become the Housekeeping supervisor.

Natalie says about her job “It’s not like cleaning anywhere else. It has its challenges because of the nature of the services we provide, however, it’s more rewarding as we provide a personal service to those people who see Glenside as their home.”

“It’s not like cleaning an office, hotel room or even a school, you are emotionally involved with the people you are providing the cleaning for. Many of the tasks we do are still basic cleaning jobs, we just work in a different environment.”

“In addition to the job satisfaction, I am lucky because I live locally and enjoy the practical benefits of working at Glenside, as it is easily accessible and has free parking on site. For other staff, our typical weekday shifts also allow them to catch the bus to and from Salisbury.”



Megan joined the Newton House team at Glenside in September 2013 as a Band 5 Staff Nurse, having just graduated from Southampton University.

Having completed her A levels, Megan started working as a carer in The Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases in Bath. Whilst there, she gained her first understanding of neuro-rehabilitation and the realisation that she wanted to pursue a career as a nurse. So aged 22 years, Megan went back to studying for her Advance Diploma in Nursing.

Once qualified, Megan applied and was offered several jobs. She decided to choose the one at Glenside, as she had always maintained her love of neuro-rehabilitation, which had been reinforced by a placement during her degree in the neuro-intensive care unit in Southampton.

Within the three years since joining Glenside, Megan has stayed working in the same service, but has recently been promoted to Senior Staff Nurse. She recognises that her progression at Glenside is probably much faster here, than it would have been within the NHS.

Megan’s job role entails the day to day care of the patients in the Newton House service, including being responsible for their medication and safety. From more of an administrative point of view, Megan also coordinates staff rotas, staff appraisals and supervisions.

Megan says “I love the job I do because of the autonomy we have at Glenside. We have a good level of input into how we run the service and make decisions as to how to improve the service we provide. I feel valued as my line manager listens to what I have to say. I’ve been encouraged to do a lot of training both in-house and externally. Whilst caring for our service users, I also enjoy getting to know them and supporting their family members.”


Shellie, Staff Nurse


Shellie joined Glenside in April 2009 as a Rehab Assistant working on the night shift within the Glenside hospital whilst studying during the day.

Shellie found working at Glenside so rewarding, that her thoughts turned towards a career in care. In her quest to understand brain injuries in more depth, she undertook the Cognitive Rehabilitation therapy course that was taught in-house. This developed Shellie’s passion to build on her skills and learn more about how to care for people with brain injuries. She then went on to complete the Level 3 Diploma in Health & Social Care which reinforced Shellie’s decision to pursue a career in care.

Shellie said “On admission, when you see people first arrive at Glenside, they are distressed and disorientated and sometimes they do not understand their surroundings. We help people with their recovery, so over time, they may learn to walk again and communicate. We play a role in teaching people to relearn key skills and regain their independence and to deal with their behaviours and feel safe again.”

Shellie continued to work on Nadder ward and was promoted to Senior Rehab Assistant once she gained the Level 3 Diploma in Health and Social Care. Shellie then enrolled on the intensive one year Access to Nursing course, at Wiltshire College in 2012.

In 2013, on completing the Access course, Shellie applied and was selected to undertake the three year BSc (Honours) degree in Mental Health Nursing at Bournemouth University, benefitting from Glenside’s Supportive Nurse Training Scheme.

Shellie has recently heard the wonderful news that she has completed her nursing degree and this has resulted in her being promoted to work as a Staff Nurse on Nadder Ward.“After all the sacrifices of working and studying full time, just being able to put the blue T-shirt of the Staff Nurse uniform on, felt fantastic, but I will not forget my green T-shirt (Rehab Assistant) roots! Without Glenside’s support, I know I couldn’t have completed my degree.”

Mandy, Rehabilitation Assistant

Mandy web

In 1993, Mandy started her career at Glenside, working weekends in the kitchen within one of the care homes. Over the years, Mandy’s job role has evolved to suit her family and personal needs.

From there Mandy, transferred to work in the Laundry on a part-time basis, ending up as Laundry supervisor for five years. Whilst working in the laundry, she also worked as a care assistant on Limetree on an ad-hoc basis, which led Mandy to consider a full-time role as a care assistant.

Following Glenside’s transition from dementia care provider, to specialist neuro-rehabilitation provider in 2008, Mandy moved to her current role as Rehabilitation Assistant within Newton House.

Newton House provides care for adults who have sustained a catastrophic brain injury and those who have complex, specialist nursing needs, including tracheostomy management.

Mandy said “I enjoy that every day is different, the challenge of caring for people with tracheostomies, those with feeding difficulties and working as a team. I love my job within the Newton House team, as we work together to support each other. This job makes me reflect on how precious life is and I give 100% to provide our service users with quality care to the best of my ability and I make sure that the service users are as comfortable as possible and I give the level of care I would like to receive myself.

Glenside recently celebrated the loyalty of its staff with a Length of Service Awards ceremony and Newton House staff were particularly recognised for their commitment and length of service. Mandy is one of thirteen staff on Newton House alone, who have each worked for Glenside for over five years. These staff have amassed an incredible 200 years’ experience of working at Glenside between them!


Mandy web

Andreia started working for Glenside in 2015 as a Rehab Assistant on the Neuro-Rehabilitation Unit and has since been promoted to Senior Rehab Assistant in the same team.

To widen her understanding of the sector and gain a qualification, Andreia decided to study for a Level 3 Diploma in Health & Social care.

Andreia also applied for the Glenside in-house Affiliate training programme. This programme was set up to provide ongoing learning and training for Rehabilitation Assistants, to strengthen communication between ward staff and the therapy team and allow ward staff to get a more thorough understanding of a therapy discipline.

Andreia was interested in understanding how the therapies worked and more specifically with the Psychology team to know how their discipline supported the effective recovery and rehabilitation of the Glenside service users.

Having now completed her Affiliate programme, Andreia feels the most important thing for her was finding a way to bridge the gap between the goals set by the Psychology and wider AHP team, as well as implementing support on a day to day basis on the ward.

Andreia believes she now has more understanding of the needs of the service users she cares, for because she has a greater awareness of the impact of a brain injury on them. For example, one service user used to shut himself away in his room and by introducing a range of small goals to motivate him to socialise and to give him reasons to leave his room, he has now become more sociable and built up his confidence.

The benefit of the Affiliate programme is that the larger Psychology goals can be translated into small every-day activities, shared by the Affiliate and delivered by the Rehab Assistants on a daily basis.

Andreia adds “Each person has to be supported differently to respond to their specific needs. We vary the approach of the activities to suit the individual.”

Christian, NBU & Horizon Manager


Christian joined Glenside in March 2017 to manage the Hospital Neurobehavioural Unit (NBU) and Horizon Close, with over twenty years’ experience of working with individuals with challenging behaviour in the care sector.

The NBU provides nursing care for adults with complex cognitive, physical and behavioural support needs, where staff encourage behavioural and social development with the aim of supporting the individual to become more independent.

Horizon Close provides ten simulated supported living bungalows each with their own front door, kitchen, lounge and bedroom with ensuite bathroom so that individuals can live more independently prior to discharge.

Christian says, “So far, since joining Glenside I have been impressed by the inclusive and supportive culture within Glenside, due to the fact that the core values of Person Centred, Quality & Safety and Supporting & Empowering Staff are embedded into everything we do.”

“My job, as well as the day to day management of the services, is to support the staff to do what can be very challenging work. To instil an ethos of mutual respect and positive teamwork.”

“I am also involved in the assessment process, whereby individuals are assessed, prior to admission, to ensure Glenside is the right place for them and our services can meet their rehabilitation needs.”

“With my background being in mental health, I have found the Glenside team are immensely knowledgeable about neuro-rehabilitation across all services and roles.”



'The remit of an Activities Coordinator is to devise a program of activities that will ‘not just benefit someone, but will help to stimulate and also make them happy'.

Before deciding what to offer people, I meet with them individually, as well as their family members, to gain an insight into what would be the most appropriate range of activities, and equally importantly, what would really motivate them. Comparing my previous role as a Rehab Assistant with my current role as Activities Coordinator, I would say: ‘Whilst the Rehab Assistant looks after the needs of the individual, the Activities Coordinator looks after their wants.'

In September 2016 I started a degree in occupational therapy. Glenside have been really supportive with my working hours and as I learn new things, I feel able to ask my team any questions.

Starting the degree has given me a better understanding of the patients needs and I feel like I have been able to apply what I have learnt.

I think my job at Glenside remains interesting because we have a number of different patients with differing needs, abilities and interests and I alter these activities to suit their individual needs. Most recently I started a crossword group. A group of us get together over tea and go through the crossword. Whilst this a lot of fun, it also encourages communication and is cognitively stimulating.

Gemma, Activities Coordinator

Gemma Blackman

Gemma joined Glenside in January 2013 as a Rehab Assistant and was very pleased to have landed the job as Activities Coordinator within the NRU a year later.

Gemma says “I always wanted to work with people where I could make a difference, so this was a great opportunity for me, as I could now see the patients on a one to one basis and care for them and their needs.

It is also great to meet the patients’ families and to get the bigger picture about their wishes and feelings, their likes and dislikes. This enables me to do things with the patients that they really enjoy. The best part of my job is seeing the look of pure enjoyment on their faces. It is always such an inspiration to work with a patient who has achieved their rehabilitation goals and is then discharged back home or into the community.