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Meet the Glenside team

Meet the Team

Glenside employs a multi-disciplinary team of staff, experienced in supporting people with various neurological conditions. Meet the team of specialist groups, including:
  • Management – a group of experienced healthcare professionals who ensure the successful operation of Glenside’s locations, including operational management, human resources, accounting, maintenance and ancillary staff.
  • Allied Health Professionals – trained across a wide range of specialisms including neuro-psychology, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy; with input from dieticians and podiatrists, with specialist leads in cognitive rehabilitation therapy (CRT).
  • Consultants– trained and experienced in a wide range of specialised fields including rehabilitation medicine, psychiatry and neuro-psychology. See the Consultant profiles below for more information.
  • Nurses – who manage the ward/home teams, supported by rehab assistants and activity coordinators, providing services across the entire pathway.
Go to “A Day in the Life” to find out more about staff at Glenside. To arrange a visit or make a referral, please get in touch via our dedicated Referrals line on 0330 123 9263. Or complete the Referrals form here.

Meet the Glenside Consultant Team

Dr Simon Fleminger

Dr Simon Fleminger - Consultant Neuropsychiatrist

Dr Simon Fleminger, FRCP FRCPsych PhD, Medical Director and Consultant Neuropsychiatrist, has over 20 years of experience as a neuropsychiatrist working with adults with acquired brain injury, and has a national and international reputation in this field. For 10 years he was an Associate Editor of the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry. He has over 50 publications in the field of neuropsychiatry.

Dr Koko Naing

Dr Koko Naing - Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine

Dr Koko Naing MRCPI (Psychiatry), MSc (Psychiatry and Brain Injury), Diploma in Psychiatry, Diploma ILM7 (Institute of Leadership and Management), is a Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine and Brain Injury. He joined Glenside in 2007, having worked for many years with acute and post-acute brain injury patients and as a locum Consultant in spinal cord injury. Today, he specialises in the physical side of neuro-rehabilitation, including neurogenic respiratory failure requiring tracheostomies and portable ventilators. His interests also cover cognitive and behaviour impairments in patients with brain injury. He is a MHA Section 12 approved doctor and member of BNPA (British Neuropsychiatric Association).

Meet the Glenside Therapy Team


The Therapy team is comprised of a group of dynamic and experienced therapists, including speech and language, physiotherapy, neuro-psychology and occupational therapy. Their specialist neuro-rehabilitation expertise includes management of individuals with tracheostomies, progressive neurological conditions and those displaying challenging behaviours.

Speech and Language Therapy (SLT)

Speech and Language Therapy Team

Dynamic and experienced in neuro-rehabilitation, the SLTs at Glenside are specialists in the management of both communication problems and eating and drinking difficulties following brain injury. The SLT team works closely with individuals, their family and the multidisciplinary team and will target assessment and treatment to the individual’s needs. The team is skilled at using meaningful and innovative approaches with individuals who have cognitive communication difficulties and has expertise in facilitation, supporting individuals to ensure they have a voice.

We are a research active department with links at UCL. Currently we have a study underway to investigate the efficacy of a new social skills intervention following brain injury.

Occupational Therapy Team

OT sub-team-edit2

The Occupational Therapists at Glenside are experienced in the field of neuro-rehabilitation. They use purposeful activity to assist service users to either regain function after brain injury, or utilise compensatory strategies/equipment to promote independence in everyday activities. Occupational Therapists use a range of practical and standardised assessments to assess how service users’ everyday function has been affected by brain injury. These are carried out in the most appropriate environment, both on the Glenside Campus and in the local community. Person-centred rehabilitation programmes are then set up according to individual need and agreed goals, following consultation with the families and the multidisciplinary team. Where appropriate, home visits are carried out to identify equipment and adaptation needs, which involve close working with the relevant Health and Social Care community teams, to facilitate safe discharge home, or other appropriate destination.

Physiotherapy Team

Physio sub-team-edit2

At Glenside, our team of experienced physiotherapists are highly skilled in the care of neurologically injured patients. Neuro-physiotherapy is a specialist branch of physiotherapy which requires key skills of assessment and analysis of movement in order to create individualised treatment programmes to maximise each individuals potential. Physiotherapy programmes are offered in a variety of settings including one to one sessions, group activities and ward based activities. Within our Neuro-Rehab and Neuro-behavioural pathways, we have three gym areas where we have specialised plinths as well as electric standing frames, and balance trainer and  tilt tables. We also have a hydrotherapy pool with an attached jacuzzi area.

Psychology Team

Psychology team-thumb2At Glenside the Psychology team is made up of qualified Clinical Psychologists and Assistant Psychologists. The psychology team work closely with patients, their families and the multidisciplinary team to develop an understanding of how they may best support patients. The specialist skills within the Psychology team include conducting formal assessments to ascertain the impact of a brain injury on an individual’s cognitive abilities in order to inform ongoing rehabilitation. The team also undertake functional assessments of behaviours as necessary to help patients communicate their needs whilst developing more socially appropriate behaviours. The psychology team can also provide individual therapy to support patients experiencing emotional or adjustment difficulties following brain injury. They also support patients and families by helping them to develop their understanding about brain injury and its impact.

Podiatry Team

Podiatry web

At Glenside, the podiatry team is made up of one Podiatrist and two qualified Podiatry Assistants. The podiatry team provide a service to all service users across the Glenside campus. In addition to general podiatry (treatment of nails, corns and callus), the podiatry team provide nail surgery, circulatory and diabetic foot assessments and footwear advice. The podiatry team also offer foot function assessments, gait assessment, provision of digital splinting and functional foot orthoses. In these areas the podiatry team work closely with the physiotherapy team, to help service users meet their mobility goals.