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  • Service users enjoy restoring furniture to use themselves or sell to raise funds for charity.

  • Activities Coordinators organise group activities such as gardening club to encourage service users to be involved in growing flowers and vegetables.

  • "Carl has overcome more than was thought possible for him at one stage. Without the support of everyone at Glenside, Carl would surely not be here today."

  • “Terry is a fighter, he has a great sense of humour and never whinges. He worked hard to rebuild his life and has now achieved his goal of moving into independent living accommodation.”

  • Each unit/home created a scarecrow for the “Guess the Scarecrow competition”.

  • Art club meets regularly as a social group to create art and crafts to suit the season, such as stained glass window decorations, Christmas decorations and flower pots with spring bulbs

  • “Glenside is a fantastic place that helped me to get my life back on track. I came to you still not being able to stand and you helped me both physically and mentally.”

  • Service users and their families got together to enjoy a Garden Party in the Newton House garden and also managed to raise £260 for the local branch of Headway.


Service User TerryIn January 2012, Terry aged 44, sustained a traumatic brain injury following a road traffic accident whilst living in Brunei. A CT scan of Terry’s brain showed a right temporo parietal fracture and right parieto-occipital fracture. He also had bilateral basal frontal contusions with midline shift to the left. Terry had an emergency right decompressive hemicranioctomy.

Having been flown back to the UK by the Sultan of Brunei, Terry initially received treatment at Queen Anne hospital.

In March 2012, two months after the accident, Terry was admitted to Glenside’s Hospital Neuro Rehabilitation Unit, where he was assessed for a long term placement.

On admission, Terry required the assistance of two staff for all mobility, including bed mobility, going from lying to sitting, sitting balance (unsupported), going from sitting to standing and transferring from bed to chair. He was unable to walk. He had limited active movements independently and all movements had to be initiated for him to achieve the full range. He had reduced range of movement in all limbs and in the trunk due to stiffness. His muscle power was limited due to the limited functional range of movement. He had an inattention and decreased sensation, both to the left side.

The Glenside nursing and therapy team working with Terry could see he was determined to make the effort to do everything he possibly could to improve his circumstances and become more independent. Terry participated in hydrotherapy, once a week and land based physiotherapy sessions 4-5 times a week. He joined the cookery class and began to access the community with participation in planning, budgeting and shopping for cookery ingredients.

Terry’s mobility improved, especially once his catheter and peg had been removed. His seizures stopped and over time, Terry progressed from a short 10 metre walk, using a wheeled zimmer frame and minimal assistance of one, through to jogging unaided in July 2014 just before he was discharged from Glenside back to independent living accommodation in the community.

The people who worked with Terry said “Terry is a fighter, he has a great sense of humour and never complains. He continues to make the effort to improve and has worked his socks off to rebuild his life.”