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Use your Head, wear a Helmet! Update

Written by RHG Comms on . Posted in Glenside News

Old Sarum

As the school year nears its end, so does Glenside’s ‘Use your head, wear a helmet!’ free cycle helmet promotion. Supported by Spire FM, Hayball’s Cycles and Stonehenge Cycles, Glenside has given away a total of 150 cycle helmets to 16 Salisbury primary schools.

Glenside launched this campaign at the start of 2017, with the aim of reiterating the safe cycling message and worked with the organisers of the Bikeability Training course, managed by Wiltshire Council to donate the cycle helmets and take photos of the pupils involved.

The list of primary schools who have participated in the Bikeability course and benefitted from the free cycle helmets include: Bemerton St John, Harnham Junior School, Gomeldon, Pitton, Sarum St Paul’s, Great Wishford, Winterbourne Earl’s, Alderbury & West Grimstead, White Parish All Saints, St Osmund’s, Pembroke Park, Old Sarum, Coombe Bissett, Woodlands, Woodford Valley and Stratford sub-Castle.

Bikeability is the government approved National Standards for Cycle Training, which teaches school pupils in Year 6 the necessary skills to ride confidently on today’s roads. Bikeability is organised by Wiltshire Council in conjunction with schools. More information can be found here:

In the event of a fall, it is widely acknowledged that a cycle helmet may substantially reduce the incidence and severity of head injuries. Cycle helmets provide best protection in situations involving simple, low-speed falls with no other party involved.

Although it is also noted that the risks associated with cycling as a form of transport, especially the likelihood of serious injury, are significantly impacted by inappropriate driving / motor vehicle use by external parties and / or by poor cycling behaviour.

According to the latest research led by the University of New South Wales, in Australia, cycle helmets are proven to reduce the chances of suffering a fatal head injury or sustaining a lifelong disability by as much as 65% and 69% respectively. This research backs numerous additional peer-reviewed studies confirming the effectiveness of cycle helmets.

Here are photos of some of the pupils enjoying their Bikeability course.

Old Sarum (above)

Coombe Bissett

Coombe Bissett

Stratford sub-Castle

Stratford sub-Castle